Sign of One

I’ve heard a lot about this book – mostly good too, so I was thrilled when I was offered a copy by Maggie at Egmont. It’s a brilliant cover and a fantastic concept, one I was definitely intrigued and taken in by.

sign of one

“One for sorrow, two for death…

On Wrath, a dump-world for human outcasts, identical twins are feared. Only one will grow up human, while the other becomes a condemned monster with ‘twisted’ blood.

When sixteen-year-old Kyle is betrayed, he flees for his life with the help of Sky, a rebel pilot with trust issues. As the hunt intensifies, Kyle soon realises that he is no ordinary runaway – although he has no idea why he warrants this level of pursuit.

The hideous truth they discover could change the fate of Wrath and its harsh laws forever. Their reluctant, conflicted partnership will either save them – or bring about their destruction.”

I loved the examination into twins that this book took, the idea that one was evil and one good was an interesting idea in itself. We’re working on a book about twins at the moment too (False Hearts by Laura Lam) and I find it all so fascinating to see the bonds between them.

I’ll be honest in the fact that I really enjoyed Sign of One, I read it one summer afternoon in one go and it’s incredibly readable, exciting, emotional and full of adventure. However, I wouldn’t say it’s one that’s going to stay with me, I won’t be clamouring for the next one, though I’d definitely want to read it. And that’s got nothing to do with the writing or the book itself, more the fact that it was another dystopia (/sci-fi) and unfortunately I just feel worn out of them as a genre. It’s another group of people who are misunderstood and presented as evil when actually they were just feared. It feels very X-Men/Divergent.

I think this book has more to offer than just the same old dystopian story though – it’s got clever twists and great lead characters, I was more of a fan of Sky than Kyle but that’s probably just because I feel I’m a similar person to Sky. I love that every character has another version of themselves to fight for, I love the bond between twins that is more unbreakable than most other relationships. I loved Kyle’s family – I won’t say too much as I don’t want to give away spoilers but they’re brilliant, loyal, kind and clever.

It’s a really easy read, so pacey and realistic; the writing brings their world and the characters to life. I’d definitely recommend it; it just won’t be making my top 10 pile unfortunately.

Sign of One is out now from Egmont.


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