I See You

So I mentioned in a review in July that I had two books that month which would be in my Top 10 – this was supposed to be my second. (Yes, the review is a little late). But I See You is one of the most gripping, terrifying and satisfying books I’ve read this year and easily rockets into my top 10 of the year without a doubt.


First I have to say thank you to the PR team at Little, Brown who not only sent me a copy but a FINISHED copy before publication (Vendula and Kirsteen, thank you!). I’ve been a fan of Clare’s since I Let You Go which took the country by storm, quite rightly and I couldn’t wait to read her second.

The thing with second novels is that often, they’re so built up in your mind, and there’s so much expectation from the debut, that you can be left disappointed. This is why one of my initial adjectives was satisfying. Because this book did not let itself down, or its predecessor. If anything, I think the plot of I See You will stay with me for far longer than I Let You Go.

If you’re a Londoner, or even if you’ve just ever got public transport, this book is utterly terrifying. I read it nearly a month ago and still I find myself choosing different seats on the tube, trying to depart my house at different times, mixing up my schedule and constantly looking over my shoulder. I’ve never read a book like it, one which carries through its intensity and thrill into my everyday life. The very idea at the heart of the novel is drawing on such a terrifying and realistic fear, particularly for a woman, and it’s brilliant. It was also brilliant because it really felt like it could happen, like someone would come up with this idea as the next stage of Tinder for busy, city living millennials. It was a fresh concept too, something different which is almost impossible to find in thrillers at the moment.

Clare’s writing really is sensational – I think that’ll be the only time I agree with the Daily Mail. But they’re right. The tension, fear and mystery is completely encapsulating. You are sucked into this book, its characters and its story and it’s the definition of a page-turner. I read it in one sitting and immediately found myself texting people to tell them about it, telling my friends about it when I saw them that evening whilst we travelled on the tube.

I have no doubt that I See You will be just as successful as Clare’s debut, because I thought it was better. The intensity is taken up a notch, the twist ingenious and the ending truly chilling. The novel delivers pace, mystery and tension in abundance as well as a killer few final pages and it’s perfectly handled, delivering each new piece of information with expert delivery and never letting you sit back for a second. The twist is unguessable yet believable and I felt constantly on edge: an insanely good psychological thriller. More, please, Clare!

I See You is out now from Sphere.

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